Attorneys to attend the DFMC 2014

Posted on Aug 26, 2014

Our firm is dedicated to building strategic partnerships to better assist our clients.  Together with Coughlin and Company, Immaculata Law Firm and Julius Capital are part of a strategic partnership known as Diocesan Financial Partners (“Diocesan Partners”).   Diocesan Partners participates in the annual Diocesan Fiscal Management Conference (known as the “DFMC”).    The DFMC is a gathering of diocesan administrators and officers who meet to explore timely matters related to church finances.

forklift originalFor the DFMC 2014, Immaculata Law Firm attorneys Michael Schierl, Peter White and Royce Hood will be joining Mr. Walt Coughlin (Executive vice President of Coughlin and Company) in Chicago.

“We are pleased to announce details for our innovative LIFT Program” said Mr. Schierl.   “We offer a turnkey funding solution to raise cash through bond issuance that, combined with donor-driven charitable remainder unitrusts and/or  charitable lead annuity trusts, may reduce or potentially even eliminate principal or interest on debt.  Our goal is to lift the debt from your dioceses while raising much needed cash and thereby enabling you to focus on your most important ministries.”   More details will be available after the DFMC 2014 which runs from September 21 through the 24.

Learn more about Diocesan Financial Partners here.